Batuta Maldives | Things you can do?
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Things you can do?

13 Oct Things you can do?





  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursion
  • Diving
  • Sand bank visits
  • Resort visits
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Manta Watch
  • Cultural Show

Details of Excursions

House reef is accessible by snorkeling, so you will not need to take a separate boat to enjoy
snorkeling. Jump into the lagoon straight from the beach in front of Batuta Surf View. You
may bring your own snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling gear will be available for hire for US$
5/- per Gear Set. Specific snorkeling trips to other snorkeling points can be arranged for
US$ 20/- per person with gears.

State your requirements for diving when you plan your holiday. Specific diving trips to close
by dive sites can be arranged for US$ 100/- per person with Diving gears (2 days prior
notice required).

Enjoy a fishing trip to a close by fishing spot, on a traditional dhoni (boat) for US$ 90/- per
group, minimum of 3 pax for 2 hours.

Excursion to Inhabited Island
Visiting a resort island or another close by Local Island can be arranged for US$ 75/- per 3 –
6 pax for 3 hrs.

Transfer to Chicken’s US$ 10 per 2 hr. session per person US$ 25 per 2 hr. session
(Minimum of 3pax)

Transfer to Lohis US$ 25 per 3 pax (Minimum)

Culture – the local way
Arrange your very private cultural show, where the locals present you with the traditional
music. US$ 200 per 3 pax (24 hour prior notice required)

Surf Boards
US$ 10 per day

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